Assault, Domestic Assault and Violence

Situations arise that require people to physically defend themselves and their family members every day. David understands that no matter how law abiding a person might be, anyone can find himself or herself facing an assault charge. Conviction of an assault offence can result in serious penalties, including jail, fines and a permanent mark on your criminal record.

Defending a violent offence can be extremely challenging and requires substantial experience and knowledge of these types of crimes and how they are prosecuted. Negotiation can be difficult and is best handled by an experienced Toronto lawyer.

David G. Bayliss and his legal team have a strong record of success defending clients against various allegations involving violence, including:

Aggravated assault
Domestic assault

Domestic assault is categorized as family violence, which means it occurs between family members or people who are in a romantic relationship. This unique area of law is handled by special courts and requires a Toronto defence lawyer who is experienced in handling these unique cases. David G. Bayliss is a seasoned Toronto defence lawyer who has successfully defended countless clients against domestic assault charges. He knows that even a simple complaint can lead to an arrest and result in devastating consequences for the accused.

The penalties for domestic assault can be significant. Conviction can result in the loss of certain personal liberties, including the right to enter your home, access your children and contact your spouse.

Any allegation of family violence, including spousal abuse or domestic assault, is considered a very serious matter by the courts and judges. Unless properly defended by a GTA criminal defence atorney, these charges can often carry difficult bail conditions that prevent the defendant from returning to his or her home.

The court may also issue a protective order prohibiting the accused from contacting the accuser. The ability to negotiate and effectively defend these cases is critical. David G. Bayliss Professional Corporation is ready to step in and review important evidence, including possible Charter of Rights and Freedoms violations and build solid defences based on more than 30 years of experience.

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