Criminal Harassment, Harassment and Stalking Charges

Criminal harassment covers a broad range of behaviours and typically involves a person repeatedly making unwanted contact with another individual. With the advent of the Internet and online communication, criminal harassment charges are becoming increasingly common. David G. Bayliss is highly experienced and has defended many people accused of stalking and harassment throughout the GTA. He understands that these allegations can happen to anyone and they often occur in the context of a domestic dispute or a misunderstanding.

Following a criminal harassment charge, hiring a knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer is critical. There are important steps that should be taken immediately to prevent the accusation from leading to serious penalties.

In order for the prosecution to convict someone charged with criminal harassment, it must prove that the defendant engaged in conduct that caused the victim to have reasonable fear for his or her safety. Some types of behaviour that commonly lead to harassment or stalking allegations include:

  • Following someone from place to place

  • Repeatedly communicating with someone directly or indirectly

  • Watching a house or business

  • Engaging in threatening conduct

  • Sending unwanted e-mail or other online communications

  • Calling someone repeatedly

Often, criminal harassment charges stem from perfectly reasonable communications. For example, a parent seeking contact with his or her children might call an ex-spouse repeatedly or send multiple e-mails.

Unfortunately, people charged with criminal harassment often have no idea that their actions could land them in court. It is not uncommon for an unsuspecting individual to be entrapped by a so-called victim.

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