Testimonials and Client Reviews – David G. Bayliss, Criminal Defence Lawyer

Testimonials and client reviews are presented below by our clients. We appreciate those who have provided us with these testimonials and feedback about their experience and have taken their time, to let us know the impact we are having.

Sometimes tragedies happen in your life that you could never see occur in your worst nightmare. This tragedy happened to us. Seeing my son with the police was shocking for all my family. During that time, I was looking for a professional lawyer. One of my relatives introduced us to David Bayliss. Since we met him, he started to work on my son’s file and his case very carefully. He was always available to answer any question or concern I had during this difficult time. He saved my son from going to jail. Thank you so much for everything. We will never forget what you’ve done for us and how you’ve touched my our lives. Without David and his professional team of assessment and treatment experts, none of us could survived during these suffering years. You are the best.
~ N.S., September 2019


In January of 2013 I was introduced to Mr. David Bayliss as I entered into the most horrific allegation a man could ever have put against him, that being sexual offences. From the first meeting, Mr Bayliss was understanding, firm, but very fair. He was not pushy but told me the way it was, and had my back even when my emotions would get the best of me,  he would be the one to affirm that he would get the truth out and make sure truth prevails.

Going through such an ordeal is very stressful, and during that time your emotions run wild. NEVER did I not get a response to an email, phone call not be answered, or a caring voice be at the other end of the phone. That being said, some 1300 emails, phone calls at all hours of the night and day, with if not himself, then his assistant, calling to ask, “Are you ok?”

We, and I say we, made it through the storm and sunny days are coming, and the truth was exposed and all charges were dropped. This man not only saved me from being found guilty of something I would never do or contemplate to do, but he saved my life for believing in me in a time of crisis.

In conclusion, I now believe there are good people out there once again that care, and David Bayliss Professional Corporation is a firm that I put my life and soul in their hands, and they never let me down.
~ Sincerely A.,  January 2014


I was referred to seek David Bayliss’ services through a family friend who was familiar with his credentials and professional work. While dealing with any legal matter is stressful, I found David’s advice and guidance during this time to be extremely valuable. David’s knowledge and experience were evident early on as he was able to assess the merits of the case from several angles that were beyond my expectations.

David was always willing and able to answer any of my questions related to both the case and the law in general, no matter how trivial. In fact, David agreed to initially consult with me during his vacation time. He was honest about the challenges and appropriately reassuring. Both David and his staff were extremely helpful in providing accurate and timely communication regarding the progress of my case. David’s success at the trial was undoubtedly a result of his thorough preparation prior to the trial. Knowing that I had David in my corner for the trial gave me tremendous confidence, particularly since he kept me abreast of his plan and preparation.

During the trial, I was greatly impressed by David’s tenacious advocacy on my behalf and his ability to manage the dynamics of the courtroom from the judge to the witnesses. David is a dedicated lawyer who seeks to provide the best legal service to his clients and I can attest to that. If you require legal advice, I am confident that David will be able to not only meet, but surpass your expectations!
~ A., January 2014


It is unbelievable to me how often my son has been targeted by the police for being a young black male. My son was up on charges for something that originally stemmed from the police harassing him and putting him in the hospital, and then charging him for assault, among other things. My son fired his lawyer out of frustration for spending so much money and getting no results, and then hired David Bayliss. David got my son off the charges and out of the courtroom quickly and easily, and I had tears in my eyes when my son later told me “I can’t believe that they believed me!”

David’s faith in him and solid knowledge of the justice system added a blanket of credibility around my son’s defense. My son has been manipulated by police and in court by Crown Attorneys before, and this time… the Crown Attorney’s incompetency and attempts at manipulation were revealed to the entire courtroom, while my son got the freedom he deserved. Because of this, he gets his life back and his baby daughter gets to have her dad present in her life.
~ Lisa McCulloch, December 2013


David Bayliss saved my son from a criminal record, had the charges dropped, plus got all our money back that was taken by the police. Mr. Bayliss negotiated with the Crown and we did not have to go to court. Bayliss puts everything he has into defending his clients. We can’t thank him enough.
~ C.C., January 2012