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Court and Process

Understanding the System and  Your Rights

It is important to understand court and process. If you have been charged or arrested you have the right to remain silent.

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For many swept up in the tide of a criminal prosecution, the most stressful part of the experience is a lack of knowledge about how the court system works. In a process seemingly confusing and counter-intuitive to the uninitiated, judges and prosecutors are frequently impatient and inflexible as they try to move thousands of cases through inefficient intake courtrooms.

When facing criminal charges, your best course of action is to hire a highly experienced Toronto criminal defense lawyer to help you navigate the court system and get you through your ordeal with the least amount of stress. During his more than 30 years as a Toronto criminal attorney working in the Canadian criminal justice system, David Bayliss has gained invaluable experience and expertise. He has a proven track-record of successfully defending allegations in court. With David Bayliss, you can be assured that your case is in good hands.

The following information will shed some light on what you might expect if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.