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Drinking and Driving Offenses and Punishment in Canada

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This article discusses Canadian Drinking and Driving legislation and its interpretation by the courts since the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was proclaimed in 1982. It is intended as overview for the layperson and not as an authoritative academic discussion of the...

Criminal Harassment in Canada

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This article is an overview, in layman’s terms, of the requirements for proof of an allegation of criminal harassment in Canada. For a more comprehensive understanding of how this relatively new criminal legislation has been interpreted by Canadian Courts, reference should be...

The Consequences of An Allegation of Sexual Assault

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This article is written as a basic informational tool for the layperson with limited or no legal training. It deals with the consequences and potential consequences for persons eighteen years or older against whom a crime of sexual assault is alleged. Different rules apply for...

Murder, Manslaughter or Infanticide – Culpable Homicide Under Canadian Law

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This article is a simplified description, in layperson’s terms, of the law of homicide in Canada. For the actual applicable law, please consult the Criminal Code of Canada. In Canada, criminally blameworthy homicide is either murder, manslaughter or infanticide. Homicide...