Most people in jail today are innocent: Michael Bryant

By: Michael Bryant - Published on Wed Nov 04 2015 | © Toronto Star. Canada’s crisis of untried prisoners is a problem the former Ontario attorney general wishes he addressed while in office According to StatsCan, "On any given day in Canada, there are more adults in custody awaiting trial or sentencing in provincial/territorial facilities than there are adults serving a sentence." On his way to the White House, Barack Obama promised to [...]

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Stephen Harper defangs another watchdog

By: Breese Davies - Published on Tue May 26 2015 | © Toronto Star. By reappointing prison ombudsman Howard Sapers to just a one-year-term, the prime minister has once again struck a blow to accountability. Howard Sapers - Professional in his approach and knowledgeable in the extreme, prison ombudsman Howard Sapers has always based his critiques and recommendations on sound criminology research, writes Breese Davies. Opinion / Commentary In days of yore, kings [...]

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